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Sentinel Review
of RITZ!, Potteries Theatre Company,
  Wednesday 17th September, Stoke Rep Theatre.

Theatre goers are set to be
dazzled this week as the Potteries
Theatre Company recreate present more than a touch
of razzle-dazzle
with their latest show. RITZ!, the sing-along


Written by company member Barry
Blaize, and featuring many hits from
decades past, RITZ tells the story of a fictional
potteries town and the
local community through the years - from the all-seeing
perspective of resident
Usherette (Annette Knott) at a local picture house - from
golden age of cinema
to present day.


first enter the RITZ in the 1930’s, where stars such as
Fred Astaire
(Martin Green), Laurel and Hardy (Barry Blaize and Alan
Taylor) and the
adorable Shirley Temple and Popeye (Sienna Boardman and
Leigh-Thomas Aubrey respectively)
take to the stage to do a turn for the on-stage cinema
audience and auditorium


1940’s, and with talk of war, conscription and rationing
rife it
would be hard to imagine this flashback to be a particularly
cheery affair, but
with a brilliantly funny comic and vocal turn from Elsie
(Lynne Pickles) and
companion Betty (Amy Blaize) serenading with the classic
“I’ll be seeing you”
the company rally and see in VE day with the great
sing-along, “The White
Cliffs of Dover” (sang here by Jean


Through the changing times of the
1950’s and 1960’s the RITZ remains
strong, with the company display great enthusiasm – and
hip thrusts! –
performing energetic numbers like “Rock Around The
Clock”, “Great Balls of Fire”
and “Candy Man”. There’s even a featured appearance
from 007 himself (Michael
Reed) as Shirley Bassey (Caroline Washington) and the Bond
girls usher the
audience into the 1970’s.


disco and punk the flavour of the next decade the RITZ saw
decline, and eventual closure. With the beautiful “Candle
On The Water” sang by
an unnamed soloist, each character pays their respects to
memory of the RITZ
and the good times had within.


show is real trip down memory lane, and the cast seem to be
as much fun on stage as the audience do clapping and singing
along to the talented
cast of adults and children belting out the well-known
tunes. With something
for everyone this family show will guarantee that you leave
the Theatre with a
smile on your face.



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Throughout the year, the Potteries Theatre Company stages a variety of shows from Broadway musicals to cabaret events where our performers get the chance to show off their desired specialism. Typical events include an annual musical, a performance in the “One Act Play Festival” and cabaret evenings.

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